First and only LEGO Serious Play faciliation training with strict focus on practice

LEGO Serious Play Training by SERIOUSWORK

We train you from the first hour in the role you want to play: to be the facilitator. In each round we will show you the techiques needed, and then you'll be put into the drivers' seat, bring your peers to serious results.

Pracice, practice, practice and 360-Degree-Feedback will make you grow, and will give you the perfect confidence for all your future workshops. We will teach you all the techniques and tools required to be able to faciliate LEGO Serious Play Shared Models face-to-face. Basically: the day the training ends your ready to rock n‘ roll.

At the second day of trainig you will facilitate your first workshop on a group of strangers to strengthen your learning. You will also learn the logic of objective setting, question design and reflection. Plus you will get live-long access to futher tools and templates for your future profession.

Upcoming LEGO Serious Play Facilitation Trainings

Du lernst zu moderieren von Anfang an - Jens Dröge LEGO Serious Play Ausbildung

Learn to facilitate rather then being trained.

We've put practice into our didactics: Whilst others train you in a "teacher-student"-apporach that will lead you to be facilitated, rather then learn to facilitate, we have revolutionized that learning style.

We train you to become the facilitator you want to be and who knows the tiny techniques, tools and phrases. We make you the best LEGO Serious Play facilitator, since after each instance you will slip into the role of facilitor to directly practice what we've tought. That will consolidate your new skills. You will also grow from 360-degree-feedback.

Your benefit: You're going to learn all techiques, tipps, tools and phrases through learning by doing.
Vorbereitung auf den ersten Workshop - Jens Dröge LEGO Serious Play Ausbildung

Practice-oriented right from the start!

In the LEGO Serious Play training from SERIOUSWORK, the focus is on practice: Right from the start, you build up your future facilitation skills and are prepared directly for your first workshop.

What also makes our training so unique: You will apply your new knowledge directly to a group of strangers. At the end of the second day you will facilitate your first workshop live!

Your benefit: You gain self-confidence and are perfectly prepared for your future workshops.
Reduziert auf Wesentliches - Jens Dröge LEGO Serious Play Ausbildung

Reduced to what you really need

Our trainig focusses on what is really needed in 95% of all your future workshops: the perfect facilitation of LEGO Serious Play workshops in Build Level 1: Individual Models and Build Level 2: Shared Models.

We only train what's necessary: super deep and perfectly conditioned skills to facilitate Shared Models. (And if you're really into Systems Models, we offer you additional 1.5 days of small-group-in-depth-trainig with interested participants only)

Your benefit: You learn and train what you really need in perfection!
Ausbildung in Kleingruppen - Jens Dröge LEGO Serious Play Ausbildung

Small group sizes for your efficiency!

Your time is precious. That's why in our SERIOUSWORK LEGO Serious Play trainig you practice in small groups of a maximum of 8 people. This is how we ensure that you really get enough space to practice and reflect.

8 people are the ideal size for us to respond to all your questions and to look after you individually. This is how we at SERIOUSWORK ensure that you are really made fit for all your later workshops.

Your benefit: You have enough space to practice and get all your questions answered.

You will learn from THE authors of THE LEGO Serious Play books

You will be trained directly by the trainers who also wrote THE standard works on LEGO Serious Play. All of our knowledge and experience flow into your training.


Warum ich die Ausbildung

bei Jens Dröge gemacht habe?

Warum ich die LEGO Serious Play Ausbildung von Jens Dröge und SERIOUSWORK empfehle Video

participant votes

Kersten E. Staat

Die Ausbildung mit Jens Dröge ist eine exzellente Vorbereitung auf die direkte praktische Anwendung im eigenen Training. Inhaltlich, methodisch und didaktisch top. Die Worst-Case Situationen waren sehr hilfreich, die Unterstützung bei der Formulierung von Aufgabenstellungen für die Modelle und der Live-Test mit einer echten Teilnehmergruppe. Wer diese Facilitator-Ausbildung besucht, hat fundiertes Wissen, um LSP überzeugend und sicher direkt anzuwenden – mehr geht nicht! Alles weitere kommt durch eigene praktische Erfahrung und Ausprobieren. Herzlichen Dank, Jens!

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Heinemann
Studiengangsleiterin, Hochschule Worms

Lieber Jens, großes Dankeschön für Dein Engagement und das geballte Wissen, dass Du uns hochkompetent vermittelt hast. Großes (und schnelles) Kino!

Jana Fiaccola
Performance Business Leadership & Team Coach at viteamin b

Ich durfte Jens Dröge als Trainer erleben. Durch seine sehr strukturierte und offene Art gepaart mit seiner Fachexpertise habe ich nicht nur “schnell” Lernen können, sondern auch noch Spaß dabei gehabt. Herzlichen Dank dafür!

Hanspeter Häberle
Rhetorik- und Kommunikationstrainer, internationaler Sachverständiger

I had the pleasure to participate in a two days online workshop of Lego Serious Play, given by Jens. As a facilitator Jens owns a combination of skills with each one outstanding: sharply focused on the objectives of the workshop, at the same time giving everybody the warm feeling of being welcome and valuable, a good sense of timing, flexible enough to answer all kind of upcoming questions, and excellent teaching skills. Still Jens strives constantly for improvement, he is always open for input and recommendations. During these two days I have learnt a lot, thanks to the rythm of teaching, followed by case studies and excercises where I had enough room to practice what I have just learnt. Jens’ feedback always helped me to see where I am already doing good, and what I can do better. I only can warmly recommend to have a workshop with him.

LEGO Serious Play-Training – Your benefits:

  • The only training on the market with a clear focus on practice and exercise
  • Training in small groups of max. 8 participants
  • Learning from the driver’s seat: All participants immediately slip into the role of the facilitator
  • Exponential learning curve: You apply what you have learned directly and immediately
  • All techniques to touch and experience from the author of the 3 standard works on LSP
  • First live workshop to strangers on day 2
  • Focus on goal orientation and facilitation in practice
  • You will design a workshop and learn the importance and connection of clear obejctive setting and question design
  • Practical tips from professionals and space for questions
  • 360 degree feedback leads to personal growth
  • A trainer with the experience of >400 workshops
  • Internationally tested didactics from the market leader with trainers, among others, in UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, China
  • From the developer of the 3-stage model, which has meanwhile also been adapted by other institutes
  • From the LSP Gamechangers who invented LSP-online
  • You will learn from the Master himself – we don’t send associates!

What you get:

  • The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator certificate from SERIOUSWORK
  • All the templates you need are lifetime downloads
  • Lifetime membership in the alumni network
  • A German edition of the book SERIOUSWORK
  • The professional's manual MASTERING LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in electronic form
  • A LEGO Windows Exploration Kit
  • Lunch and hot and cold drinks on both days
  • Practical experience, feedback and time to practice
  • A big smile
  • An approachable and approachable trainer with experience

Your investment is 1,900 EUR net
As a graduate of our online training, you benefit from exclusive special conditions.

The advantages of your LEGO Serious Play training summarized again

Modularity for your learning needs

In this traininge we cover Buildlevel 1 (individual models) and Buildlevel 2 (shared models). Almost all workshops take place in this phase. We offer system models (Buildlevel 3) as an option because, in our experience, not all participants are interested in systems or ever want to work with them. We therefore only do this training with participants who are all interested, even if the course is not fully occupied.

Feedback and perfection

After each round of your facilitation, you will first give yourself some feedback, then receive feedback from the other participants and then from me regarding the application of the facilitation techniques you have learned. As a result, behaviors that can lead to a group losing focus in the workshop or a discussion that is difficult to recapture as a facilitator do not even carve in.

Also for participants with experience

Experienced faciliators are taught new techniques that they can adopt in their own toolbox. In our experience, this is particularly the case with techniques that focus on objective setting and task design.

Learning in small groups

A maximum of 8 trainees ensure that everyone gets the space that you need. Small groups ensure that all questions are answered and everyone gets a turn.

First workshop on day 2

From 3-5 p.m., our trainees apply what they have learned directly to a group of volunteers in a safe environment. This consolidates the techniques and again conveys the importance of preparation and objective setting.

Planning and preparation

On the 2nd day, you will design your own workshop session. This teaches you both the importance of the objective and how small words can make a big difference in the outcome. You will also get practical tips on how to approach the perfect build questions and what to do if a task "bogs up".

Absolutely objective driven

A clear objective and a bespoke build question distinguishes a professional workshop with LEGO Serious Play from a normal LEGO Serious Play workshop. Time is too precious for any meeting; workshop participants want results! We teach all the words, techniques, and templates it takes to deliver truly substantive workshops and reduce your internal meeting costs.

We attach great importance to practice and applicability

While other training courses follow a classic teacher-student model, in which participants experience LSP as "participants" and never or hardly facilitate, with us every participant will immediately slip into the role of a facilitator. I will show you all the steps and then everyone will have moderated an individual and a joint model over the 2 days.

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